Real Crime: Supermarket Heist (Tesco Bomber)

tesco heist

In 2000, U.K. detectives spent months tracking a criminal known only as Sally, who was targeting a supermarket chain with extortion and letter bombs.

Year: 2010
Certificate: G

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When I first saw that Netflix had added a new documentary which is not only about a British crime, but also created by a British company I was very pleased; although I like watching American crime documentaries they are normally very sensationalist rather than being factual. I was hoping for something different from “Real Crime: Supermarket Heist (Tesco Bomber)”, and in that respect it didn’t disappoint.

The ‘Tesco bomb campaign’ was an attempted extortion against British supermarket chain Tesco which started in Bournemouth, Dorset in August 2000 and led to one of the largest and most secretive operations ever undertaken by Dorset Police. During the campaign, a blackmailer known only as “Sally” sent letters to Tesco stores threatening to harm customers if his demands were not met. His demands, in case you wondered, were for Clubcards that were modified so that the holder could withdraw cash from cash machines £1000 at a time.

“Real Crime: Supermarket Heist (Tesco Bomber)” is a very interesting look into policing in the UK at the turn of the century when technology wasn’t so modern, nor CCTV particularly clear.

However, it is clear that “Real Crime: Supermarket Heist (Tesco Bomber)” is part of a wider series and really doesn’t work as a standalone documentary – it feels a lot like an extended episode of Crimewatch. It would also have been more interesting if they had spent more time on the actual perpetrator and their motives rather than the spending more time on previous suspects.

Having said that, this was an easy and enjoyable documentary to watch as it didn’t get too technical, advanced or sensationalist just for the sake of it. If you like watching crime documentaries this is definitely worth a watch.

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